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    The heart of the Atlasphere is its massive networking directory, which allows admirers of Ayn Rand’s novels to easily find and interact with one another, based upon a broad range of personal and professional interests.
    You can join for free by creating your profile in the directory. You then have access to all of the articles, features, and podcast episodes. You will have the option of providing more detailed information (about your educational, occupational, and other interests) in your profile. After joining and confirming your e-mail address, you may select a membership level that suits you and then you can view member profiles throughout the directory.
    The Atlasphere includes a full-feature matching service with advanced search capabilities from simple networking and friendship to something more with an in-app video chat suite to facilitate member interaction and privacy while becoming acquainted. Before you can view other profiles, you must create a profile yourself. Only members of the directory can create a  profile. However, you have the option of suppressing your directory profile, if you wish, from within your dating profile.
    Subscriptions – If you would like to view member photos, contact other members, enjoy social networking and browse the extensive listings of member web sites and blogs, you can do so forbid selecting your membership level and subscribing to the Atlasphere.
    Other Features – In addition to the above services, the Atlasphere also publishes regular feature columns on a range of topics, and provides a meta-blog with the latest news and announcements for admirers of Ayn Rand’s writings.
    Here are some of the ways our members use the Atlasphere:
    1. Introduce yourself.  Your Atlasphere profile is more than just a login account; it’s your introduction to thousands of fellow admirers of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Tell us about what matters to you. Show us where you’re heading professionally and educationally, and where you’ve been. Finally, remember to list the books, movies, and music you think others might enjoy. We’re interested in what you have to say.
    2. Advance your career.  Find a mentor in your field. Drum up new clients. Network with potential employers by searching the directory (by occupation) for your area of expertise. Describe your professional skills in your profile; you never know who might see it and be impressed. Find a job working with people who share your values.
    3. Start a club.  In most metropolitan areas, the Atlasphere can put you in touch with dozens of potential club members. So use the Atlasphere to get your club up and running; advertise it in your profile, and browse the directory (by location) to find others who live within driving distance.
    4. Make new friends.  Search the directory (by interest, education, or occupation) for other members who share your passions — chess, politics, music, snowboarding, or just about anything else you can imagine.
    5. Network for educational purposes.  Search the directory (by education or by location) to find people whose educational activities overlap with your own. Talk with fellow students. Talk with professors. Find out about their schools, their majors, their graduate programs, their ambitions, their ideas. Meet someone from your alma mater — or the school you’re attending next fall.
    6. Fall in love.  Use the Atlasphere’s matching algorithm to fall in love. If artistic preferences are a good indicator of romantic compatibility, and one out of every thousand people is an admirer of Ayn Rand’s novels, then you’re one thousand times more likely to be looking at a compatible dating profile at the Atlasphere than when you read a profile at other dating sites.
    7. Plan a trip.  Got the itch to travel? Make new friends before you even arrive. Meet them for dinner, coffee, or a walk in the park — and refreshingly intelligent conversation.
    8. Reacquaint yourself with old friends.  The Atlasphere’s member profiles are so detailed, you may learn something new even about people you’ve known casually for years: Where they went to school, what types of music they like, what books they’ve read and especially enjoyed. Use areas of mutual interest to rekindle old friendships.
    9. Find friends in a new city.  Moving is more fun when you have new friends waiting. Search the Atlasphere directory (by location) for people who live where you’re moving. Get advice about where to move, where to find the best restaurants, and whether there’s already a local Ayn Rand club. Maybe you’ll even score some help unloading the truck.
    10. Choose your next book.  Find out what other admirers of Ayn Rand’s novels have enjoyed. Each directory profile has an optional section for “favorite movies” and “favorite books.” Mine them for gems. Search the directory (by interest) for your favorite books or movies, to find out what else has been recommended by members with similar tastes to your own.

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    Yes, you can. This enables other community members to connect more effectively on shared interests.

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