Relaunching the premiere site for connecting with Admirers of the Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged

Heather Wagenhals new Publisher and Editor in Chief The Atlasphere Social Network

Welcome to the Atlasphere Social Network, connecting admirers of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.

A foundational build from scratch is being completed as we speak and we will be rolling out the new features in the coming months.

My name is Heather Wagenhals and I am the new publisher and Editor-in-chief for the Atlasphere. The Atlasphere founder Joshua Zader created a vibrant community for admirers of Ayn Rand’s work to share ideas and connect with others personally, professionally, and romantically. My job is to enhance your experience while you are here so you have the ability to make meaningful connections.

Please take a moment and send an email to if you are interested in participating in the prelaunch. As we get closer to the relaunch, you will receive an email invitation to create a profile and beta test the site prior to the public launch. You must do this if even if you had a legacy membership on the former site.  Additionally, if you would like to be a contributor to the Atlasphere, submit your ideas for blog posts here or featured columns here.