Submission Guidelines

We’re always looking for terrific writers. Over 10,000 readers have signed up to be notified when we publish new articles.

We invite submissions that are consistent with the Atlasphere Magazine mission, which is to provide insight and inspiration for living the good life. We avoid politics and technical philosophy. Give us your best insights about how to thrive, personally and professionally.

Here are some specific categories we welcome:

  • Lifestyle and personal development. Share wisdom about living life at a higher level — more purpose, more integrity, more serenity, more happiness. Example topics might include how to move into a new career field, investments and wealth management, travel, psychology, sports (especially those emphasizing personal development), benevolent communication and relationships, education, personal growth, and child rearing.
  • Reviews of great art. Tell us about the books, movies, music, and fine art that inspire you. If you’re an artist, or just talented at understanding and explaining art, help us understand and appreciate your favorite painter or sculptor. And go deep: The best movie reviews, for example, aren’t the ones that make you want to watch a movie; they’re the ones that make you want to watch it again, because you realize there are layers of meaning you didn’t experience fully the first time.
  • Interviews with inspiring figures. Some people have a special grasp of the mind, of living well, of influencing the world in a positive direction. If you can arrange an interview, we love seeing what we can learn from such individuals. Contact us for guidelines.

Articles should be 800 to 2000 words, though we make exceptions for longer pieces of especially high quality. Please send us a proposal before you begin writing.

In general, writing, reading, and commenting on our articles are community-oriented activities, for fans of Ayn Rand’s novels. We provide the space for it and do our best to steer things in the direction of healthy, quality conversation.

We normally don’t pay for articles but can offer a modest writer’s fee if you discuss with us before submitting your first draft. Writers should themselves be familiar with, and admirers of, Ayn Rand’s writings such as The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.

Got ideas? Send us your proposal.

Please talk with us about your article before writing it. Use the form below to share your ideas and, if we haven’t worked with you before, provide examples of your previous writing with links to 2 or 3 of your best previously published writing samples.

If you have questions feel free to e-mail Atlasphere Magazine Editor-in-Chief Heather Wagenhals Support (at)