Maryland Seminar on Ayn Rand's Vision

In February, the Fountainhead Institute will be sponsoring a seminar in Maryland on applying Ayn Rand’s vision to your own life:

Ayn Rand’s Vision: Understanding It And Using It In Your Life
A weekend seminar on applying Objectivism to your life. The seminar will be taught by Marsha Enright of The Fountainhead Institute on February 7-8 in Columbia, Maryland.
Topics covered will include but not be limited to “The Importance of Art in Human Life,” “Rand’s Heroes: How To Be More Like Them,” “The Psychology of Individualism,” and “Rand’s View of Capitalism and the Social Order.” Marsha will combine short lectures with guided discussions to maximize the intellectual and personal value of the seminars.
It will be assumed that the student will have read at least Atlas Shrugged. A limited number of essays and articles will be assigned to read in preparation for the course.

Additional information and registration instructions are available on the Fountainhead Institute web site.