International Ayn Rand Meetup Day provides a new way for people of common interests to gather for mutual benefit. Admirers of Ayn Rand’s novels may be particularly interested in, which enables participants to:

Meetup with other local fans of author Ayn Rand and her philosophy, Objectivism ? a philosophy of Reason, Purpose and Self-Esteem that holds human life on this Earth as the standard of all values and your life as an end in itself.

From the ?About Meetup? page on the Meetup web site:

Meetup helps people get together with a group of neighbors that share a common interest. We power global, monthly “Meetup Days” for almost any interest group. Meetup is an advanced technology platform and global network of local venues that helps people self-organize local group gatherings on the same day everywhere. Meetups take place in up to 612 cities in 51 countries at local cafés, restaurants, bookstores, and other local establishments.
Meetup earns its money from:

  • Establishments that pay to be listed as possible Meetup venues (MVPs)
  • Users that sign up for Meetup+
  • Organizations that want special services to help strengthen their community
  • Sponsors that have relevant messages for Meetup chapters (text ads only)

We believe that it’s possible to be profitable while doing great things for people.
For more info, see messages from people that have gone
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Visit to register, or to host an Ayn Rand Meetup near you. [Thanks to Luke Setzer for this news tip.]