Bidinotto Lecturing on 'Guerrilla Activism'

Robert Bidinotto will be delivering a lecture in New York City on March 4th titled “Guerilla Activism: How One Individual Can Wage and Win Ideological Battles.”
From the announcement:

Thursday, March 4, 2004, 7:00 p.m.
The Shelburne Murray Hill Hotel
Ballroom, main floor
303 Lexington Avenue @ 37th St. (see map)
Free admission-no reservation necessary
Social change depends primarily upon the spread of new ideas. And spreading those ideas depends, in turn, upon effective persuasion. But how can one person be heard amid the din of millions of other voices clamoring for public attention? How can a single individual hope to compete with organized non-profits, well-heeled propagandists, slick politicians, and famous pundits? Does it take a lot of money and sophisticated resources? Or are there principles that anyone can apply to wage and win philosophical and political battles in the public arena?

See Bidinotto’s announcement for further details.