on Ayn Rand Dating Service

Lynn Harris has written a article about niche dating sites, which includes kind remarks about the Atlasphere and its denizens:

More and more sites now employ some sort of virtual velvet rope to screen out undesirables; others focus around hobbies, interests, tastes and lifestyles ? and not just dirty ones. These niche sites are more eclectic still than personals services devoted to specific ethnicities, religions, basic sexual preferences, or readers of the same online magazine.
Looking for fellow bikers? Why they’re right here. For doctors? Armchair astrologists? Raw foodies? Geeks? Fans of “Buffy,” “Smallville,” “Lord of the Rings,” “Star Trek”? Just a click away. People with pets can go, which is for single animal lovers willing to use a site called
There’s also ? my personal favorite ? the Ayn Rand Online Dating Service (part of the Rand-admirer community “the Atlasphere”), whose members, fans of Rand-flavor reason and rationality (and perhaps Objectivism), would totally win a rumble against the “metaphysically minded people” searching for their “twinflames” at Astral Hearts Metaphysical Personals.

Isn’t that the truth.