Friend of America on Norwegian Television

Last year, Atlasphere member Fredrik Norman helped found an organization called Norwegian Friends of America. This past Saturday, he was interviewed on a Norwegian talk show about his views on the subject.
From his interview:

Knut Olsen: Is Bush worth dying for?
Fredrik K.R. Norman: Hopefully we won’t have to die because of Bush. Hopefully, we also won’t have to die because of Osama bin Laden, terrorists and tyrants — and that’s what the Americans are trying to save us from.
Knut Olsen: But is he worth fighting for?
Fredrik K.R. Norman: We should fight for ourselves and our own interests, and they are the same as American interests: liberty, democracy and human rights. This, we shall fight for, hopefully together with our allies.
Knut Olsen: Do you personally support Bush’s foreign policy?
Fredrik K.R. Norman: Which parts of Bush’s foreign policy I do or don’t support, I find rather irrelevant…
Knut Olsen: But is it the official stance of the Norwegian Friends of America that you do so?
Fredrik K.R. Norman: We support America’s moral right to defend her interests, because we believe those interests are the same as Norway’s interests. American interests are liberty, democracy and human rights, and those are also Norwegian interests.

Fredrik stayed remarkably cool, articulate, and principled throughout his on-air grilling. Read a transcription of the full interview at Via Instapundit.