Hudgins on Kerry's Racial Appeals

Ed Hudgins, TOC Washington Director, attacks the subtle racism of John Kerry’s appeal to African American voters in his latest Report from the Front and he explains why African American leaders rejected Kerry’s clear pandering to racial politics. Lastly, Hudgins reflects on Ayn Rand’s thoughts on racism:

[T]his episode points to the moral and political bankruptcy of those who, as Ayn Rand wrote in her essay “Racism” over four decades ago, “Instead of fighting against racial discrimination … are demanding that racial discrimination be legalized and enforced… Instead of fighting for equal rights … are demanding special racial privileges.” But she also observed that, “the smallest minority on earth is the individual.” Individuals should not identify first with accidents of birth such as their race or social class, nor should they see these circumstances entitling them to other people’s money. Rather, their self-esteem should come from what they make of themselves through their own efforts to realize their own dreams, whether in the face of old-fashioned Southern-bigot white racism, which thankfully is disappearing from America, or the more subtle but equally dangerous version that is perpetuated by Clinton, Kerry and much of the black establishment.

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