Fountain Head Primary School in India

India appears to have more admirers of Ayn Rand’s novels than any country but the U.S. And India’s first female astronaut is on public record as a fan of Rand’s novels.
So when college graduate Vardan Kabra turned down a prestigious offer from Procter & Gamble so he could start a primary school to train new fountainheads of human progress, it’s not altogether surprising that he decided to name his school after Ayn Rand’s novel:

A school with a difference, that’s his dream. He’s so sure of his dream that even the lure of lucre has failed to tempt this IIMA passout.
Vardan Kabra declined to accept the Rs 7-lakh pre-placement offer made by Procter and Gamble to realise his dream of building a primary school that will churn out leaders for a better tomorrow.
Kabra, whose talents have been chiselled by teachers at Delhi Public School (DPS) R K Puram, Delhi and IIT Mumbai, has no dearth for inspiration. He dreams of a school of thinkers. “Ideas: That’s what we want children to come up with. For that, it’s best to catch them young. That’s why we are planning a primary school,” says Kabra.
Objectivism got him thinking about this concept. So what else could he have named the school but Fountain Head, inspired by Ayn Rand’s book on objectivism. “The name is ideal for a school as it means source of knowledge,” says Kabra.

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