New Issue of 'Navigator'

The latest issue of The Objectivist Center’s monthly journal, Navigator, is out.
In the cover article “Death by Environmentalism,” Robert Bidinotto explores the philosophical foundations of the environmental movement and argues that the consequences of accepting them are human deaths. Bidinotto writes:

In the same way that so many intellectuals once turned a blind eye to the massacres perpetrated by communists, most intellectuals now evade the three decades of mass destruction and misery perpetrated by environmentalists. Sharing the movement’s underlying philosophic precepts and focusing their gaze upon its proclaimed goals, they remain blissfully ignorant of its wretched consequences, or—when brought to their attention—excuse them as unfortunate “excesses” wrought by a few overly zealous “idealists,” whose hearts are nonetheless in the right place.

On the 40th anniversary of Ayn Rand’s Playboy interview, Don Hauptman shares omissions from the interview and his thoughts from looking over the original manuscripts and galley proofs of this influential interview. In his article “The ‘Lost’ Parts of Ayn Rand’s Playboy Interview,” Hauptman tells what it was like to see these valuable documents:

It was an exciting experience to examine the archive for the first time. What a fascinating collection! I saw Rand’s and the editors’ revisions. I spotted numerous differences from the published version, as well as questions and answers that were omitted in their entirety. Every manuscript page and even the most minor corrections Rand made were initialed “AR.”

See the full issue of Navigator for these and other articles.