Ken Wilber Interviews Nathaniel Branden

Nathaniel BrandenForwarded from Nathaniel Branden:
Greetings, Friends,
I am overcoming my natural reticence so that I can tell you about a dialogue that I recently recorded with my friend, Ken Wilber, entitled “The Nathaniel Branden Story.”
Ken Wilber, as you may know, is regarded by many as the world’s leading integral philosopher, where “integral” means comprehensive and inclusive-an attempt to include all perspectives in a larger picture. I regard him was one of the most brilliant minds I have ever encountered.
If you are familiar with Ken’s ideas, you know that he and I have our disagreements, much as I admire his work. (I discuss some of our differences in The Art of Living Consciously, which didn’t stop him from praising the book wildly during our talks. He is a man of deeply generous spirit.) That we should be able to have this incredible dialogue is an example, I think, of the integral spirit in action.

The dialogue is a 6-part series that, I must in modesty report, covers my entire professional career starting with my years with Ayn Rand, moving through the psychology of self-esteem and ending with “a reasonable spirituality.” I must say, this was one of the most enjoyable, engaging, even thrilling series of conversations that I can remember having.
An audio recording of this dialogue can be found at Ken’s web site, “IntegralNaked,” a web site created by Ken and his colleagues at the Integral Institute to highlight some of the more comprehensive and integral approaches to today’s issues and questions. You can listen to our discussion while sitting at your computer, or you can make you own CD and listen whenever and wherever you like. The first of our 6 sessions will be on the website as of April 12.
If you check out “Integral Naked,” you might be surprised by the fact that most of the people who have been interviewed thus far appear to be in the “spiritual circuit,” in ways I am not, although in general I am certainly friends with the concept of “the spiritual.” Anyway, don’t get distracted by this.
If you wish to join Integral Naked, to gain access to some or all its programs, the fee is $10 a month. But please note that first month is free, so you can see what’s offered and decide if it’s for you.