Hudgins on Tax Day

In his latest op-ed, Ed Hudgins, Washington Director for The Objectivist Center, calls April 15—tax day in the US—a day of moral shame. Hudgins writes:

Politicians tell us, “We know you’re not up to the burden of raising your own children, earning enough money to educate them, insuring yourselves against illness or unemployment, saving for your retirement, tying your own shoes or wiping your own noses without our help. Don’t worry, we’ll give you all you need.”

If we have any integrity we should spit on such offers. We should resent the theft of our opportunities to experience the pride that comes from taking responsibility for our own lives as well as the theft of our money by tax collectors to make good on these politicians’ promises. Rather, we should tell our government to protect our lives, liberties and property—that is, our freedom and independence—and otherwise leave us alone. Instead, a majority of citizens applaud politicians and candidates who drag them further down into the depths of dependency.

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