13 Going on 30 is Good-hearted Fun

Jennifer Garner’s new movie 13 Going on 30 opens this weekend. My wife and I saw the sneak preview two weeks ago ? and found it completely endearing.
The comedy represents a new turn for Garner, best known for her butt-kicking roles in movies like Daredevil and her TV show Alias. I was skeptical about how her new direction would come off, but in the end my wife and I were each won over completely. (In fact, we’ll be going back for seconds this weekend.)
Garner has a rare quality as an actress: the ability to project undiluted joy at being alive in the world. And, though you can’t tell by the trailer, the movie’s clear theme is the importance of staying true to oneself, even if it means being less-than-popular.
This is not a good movie for cynics. Watch the trailer for a glimpse of what’s in store.
Also, ExtraTV offers a good set of interviews with Jennifer on her experiences making the movie. (Favorite quote, from her Alias co-stars, on whether Jennifer could successfully play a thirteen-year-old: “Jennifer, you are thirteen; I hate to tell you.”)