TOC Graduate Seminar

The Objectivist Center is reminding students and scholars that the early application and travel stipend deadline for new “Graduate Seminar in Objectivist Philosophy and Method” is Saturday, May 17, 2004.
The Graduate Seminar is a week of lectures, discussions, and workshops designed for graduate students, junior faculty, and post-doctoral scholars of philosophy and related fields. David Kelley and William Thomas will lead this seminar focusing on the content of Objectivism, the relation of Objectivism to non-Objectivist scholarly literature and the history of philosophy, the distinctive Objectivist method of philosophical analysis, and writing and speaking skills.
The Graduate Seminar will be held July 31?August 7 at Marist College, in Poughkeepsie, NY, near TOC’s offices.
More information and application are available on the TOC website.