Nick Gaetano Giclee Prints

The Early Ayn Rand - by Nick GaetanoQuent Cordair Fine Art has announced the release of Nick Gaetano’s Ayn Rand cover art in limited edition Giclee prints on canvas:

Over the past decade, Nick Gaetano’s artwork has graced the covers of Ayn Rand’s daringly original novels and non-fiction works, including the 50th Anniversary Edition of The Fountainhead and the 35th Anniversary Edition of Atlas Shrugged, with millions of copies sold in the U.S. and around the world. Quent Cordair Fine Art and Nick Gaetano are very pleased to announce the release of the Ayn Rand Cover Art in special Limited-Edition, signed and numbered, brilliantly colored Giclee prints on canvas. Special prices are available for orders of three or more Gaetano cover art prints.

See Cordair’s Nick Gaetano page for additional information and the full selection of available prints.