Regina Ayn Weiler

Regina Ayn WeilerIn the might-make-you-smile category, this article about a 15-year-old college graduate is inspirational:

Note to the person handing Regina Ayn Weiler a diploma at Brevard Community College this afternoon: The petite 15-year-old offers an alarmingly strong hand shake.
And, adds her mom, “She’ll put you on the floor in a second.”
Weiler, known by friends, family and teachers as “Rocket,” is a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo.
After speaking for a few minutes to BCC’s youngest graduate this year, who will earn an associate’s degree, it no longer seems surprising.
For pleasure last summer, Rocket read dictionaries.
“Webster’s,” she said. “Unabridged.”


When she was 8 or 9, Rocket checked 66 books out of Merritt Island Library in one visit. She said she read them within a week.
Perhaps such precocity was destined for a girl named after philosopher and author Ayn Rand, known for her celebration of individuality.

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