Reagan: Less John Wayne, More John Galt

Atlasphere member Gordon Wood forwards a commentary by Canadian columnist Charles Adler addressing the liberal claim that Ronald Reagan “seduced his nation and many others overseas through the power of his personality.”
Adler points out that it was the strength of Reagan’s principles, not his personality, that drove world change under the late president’s watch:

Come Friday, “Freedom’s Champion” will receive a state funeral. But unfortunately the mythology manufactured by his critics won’t be buried. Many of them who live in our own country will continue to say that Ronald Reagan was a just a “B” actor who brought his John Wayne act to Washington and got lucky because Communism just happened to start imploding on his watch.
Truth is, Reagan was no John Wayne. He was more like John Galt, the man in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, who is willing to speak hard truths in behalf of individual freedom and the creativity it inspires.

See the full article (scroll down) for further analysis.