New Issue of 'Navigator'

The latest issue of The Objectivist Center‘s monthly journal Navigator is out.
In ‘Mozart’s Don Giovanni: An Enlightenment Hero?’ John Kerns begins with this intriguing question:

How are we to judge Don Giovanni, the protagonist of Mozart’s famous opera? Is he an Enlightenment hero, a symbol of independent thinking and action standing in opposition to church and convention? Or is he a dissolute roué evading responsibility for his actions or, even worse, a murderer and rapist?

Also in this issue, William Thomas reviews Alexander York’s novel, Crosspoints in ‘A Romantic Manifesto’, Michelle Fram-Cohen looks at the inspiring works of painting Uri Gil in ‘An Israeli Airman Attains New Heights in Painting’, and Robert Bidinotto writes how ‘Hollywood Canonizes an Eco-Terrorist’.
See the full issue of Navigator for these and other articles.