Celebrity Rand Fans: Rock Trio Rush

You probably already know that the rock trio Rush (and especially its drummer Neil Peart) are long-time fans of Ayn Rand’s writings.
Bay-area TV station KTVU recently profiled the band while reviewing their latest tour. The review makes brief reference to Rush’s adaptation of the storyline from Ayn Rand’s novelette Anthem for the title track on their 70s-era album 2112.
The profile begins:

There aren’t many surviving acts from the ’70s who can boast the kind of durability and integrity that Canadian trio Rush can. In an era when KISS continues touring years after its alleged farewell jaunt and hires two imposters to take on the costumed personas of original members, Rush’s line-up of bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee, underrated guitar hero Alex Lifeson and drummer/lyricist Neil “The Professor” Peart has managed to stay intact for three decades while remaining true to the unique kind of virtuoso musicianship and thought-provoking hard rock that have become Rush trademarks.

See KTVU’s full Rush profile for further information about this terrific rock band.
(If you’re unfamiliar with Rush, but interested in exploring their work, I particularly recommend their albums Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves. These two albums were released at the height of Rush’s career, and are masterpieces of classic, guitar-driven rock.)