Professional Objectivists on Election 2004

Still haven’t decided who to vote for this year? Some prominent Objectivists are offering to help clear the fog.
In his lecture earlier this year on the DIM Hypothesis, Leonard Peikoff came out in favor of voting for John Kerry, because of George W. Bush’s religious fanaticism. In fact, Peikoff arguest that it is immoral to abstain from voting against Bush.
Objectivist psychotherapist Michael Hurd, on the other hand, has a different take. According to his article “Looking Ahead While Living Today,” Bush is the lesser of two evils:

If the choice is between John Kerry, who almost certainly will never use military force to vigorously defend American interests versus George W. Bush, who will sometimes do so, then this is more important to me than whether or not the candidate approves of prayer or will appoint judges who are against abortion.

See the respective arguments from Drs. Peikoff and Hurd for their full rationale.