Saaket Sethi, Architect

An article today’s India Express profiles architect Saaket Sethi, who is quite a fan of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead:

Mumbai, September 1: WHEN 11-year-old Saaket Sethi was asked to draw a sketch for his grandfather, he ended up doodling an entire airport! “The family was quite mystified. But then, I always had a passion for drawing grand structures,” says this new architect on the block. […]
And like all good architects has he memorised Ayn Rand�s The Fountainhead? “Every architect worth his salt has read the book. It’s amazing how the author sexualises architecture. And Roark’s passion is something that every architect should feel for his creation,” he declares with Roark-like fire in his eyes.

See the full article for further information.
Ayn Rand is remarkably popular in India. For more examples of her influence in India, see our postings on India’s first woman astronaut, the Fountainhead primary school, the Language of Liberty Summer Camp, and India’s richest woman.