Ed Locke on the Fall of the Berlin Wall

The Ayn Rand Institute’s Ed Locke offers powerful reminders about the importance of capitalism in his article “The Fall of the Berlin Wall: 15 Years Later,” published at Front Page Magazine:

The 15th anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin Wall is today. This event is widely taken to symbolize two things: the demise of Communism, and the global triumph of political freedom and capitalism. Unfortunately, the second has not occurred.
The Soviet Union was certainly an evil empire, with mass slaughter, enslavement and poverty as its only legacy. But the destruction of the bad does not ensure the emergence of the good. When a tyrant is overthrown, he may simply be replaced by another one. In fact, much of world history, from ancient Egypt to modern China and Iran, has followed this very pattern, with rebellions leading only to the supplanting of an old system of despotism with a new one.

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