A Paean to Freedom …and to Thoughtful Readers

Writing for Texas A&M’s The Battalion, op-ed columnist Mike Walters wraps up the semester with a ringing endorsement of freedom in his article “Individual rights make America great,” which includes this remark:

I’d like to congratulate those who read opinion articles and examine their subjects rationally – you are the thinkers of tomorrow. Only you have the power to create a morally successful path for our industries and nation. We face much evil in the world, evil seeking an easy path through life by taking what others have rather than producing it. Worse are those who inadvertently spread evil ideas by failing to examine them critically and spreading them regardless.
As you move on past college and into the world, remember that individual rights are the only things that will bring about a color-blind society, that allows people to keep the money they make, and give to charity if they wish. Individual rights are the only things that preserve the freedom that allows us to seek happiness.

…Followed by a terrific quote from Ayn Rand. See the full article for more.