Howard Hughes, Randian Hero?

In his review of The Aviator, Edward Hudgins of The Objectivist Center compares Martin Scorses’ picture about the life of Howard Hughes to Rand’s novels and finds many parallels. About one such parallel, Hudgins writes:

Scorsese shows us Hughes’s romance with actress Katharine Hepburn beginning in a way that suggests a true integration of the pleasures of the mind and body. Hughes takes Kate on a flight over Los Angeles in one of his planes and lets her pilot it. Kate’s exhilaration matches his own and they soon land on his estate and in his bed. This scene recalls the scene from Rand’s Atlas Shrugged in which Dagny Taggart, who has built a new line for her railroad, rides in the engine on its first run on track and over a bridge made of a new super-metal with its inventor, Hank Rearden, by her side. The exhilaration and lack of any mind-body dichotomy in their souls lead them to a sexual celebration of their achievements.

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UPDATE: The Atlasphere has also published its own review of The Aviator and its Ayn Rand-style hero.