Pro-Democracy Movement In Cuba Assembles Today

The battle for men’s minds is still alive in Cuba.
From MSNBC: Defying Castro, activists plan open-air meeting.
Today the Assembly for the Promotion of a Civil Society in Cuba meets. It is an effort to re-unite the fractured pro-democracy movement that Castro?s regime all but demolished in 2003.

Approximately 500 people have been invited to attend the Assembly to Promote Civil Society in Cuba, representing over 300 groups on the island opposed to the Castro government including illegal political parties, human rights organizations and independent libraries.

Castro has wasted no time in trying to stifle the resurgence of this movement, using his usual intimidation tactics to keep the delegates away from the meeting. There are reports that several delegates have been arrested and detained. But they still have hope and the movement is growing. They have not given up and hopefully never will. Even under the suffocating weight of Castro’s regime, the heroes are struggling on? and gaining ground.
Elizardo Sanchez, a longtime activist in the movement:

Times have changed, though. ?Twenty years ago, there were less than 10 of us involved in open political action. Today, there are thousands standing up to this totalitarian government.?

As one Cuban-American blogger (BabaluBlog) put it:

This civil society assembly is one thing Castro cannot stand for. It’s too subversive, too contrary to his twisted values of oppression, ruin and indignity. Free men and women associating freely to decide for themselves how they will live their lives is too much for his tyranny to handle? this is the power of the human spirit.

For more information see Accion Democratica Cubana.
Viva Cuba Libre!