Celebrity Rand Fan: 'Shogun' Author James Clavell

Atlasphere member Marsha Enright sent the following note after perusing the new Ayn Rand Library auction:

I noticed that she had a book by James Clavell, Noble House! For those who don’t know him, he wrote Shogun, Taipan and a number of other wonderful historical novels. From his second novel, businessmen are depicted as adventurous, amazing heroes [e.g., see his novels Taipan, Noble House, Whirlwinds]. I always wondered if he was influenced by Rand, and his inscription to her in the book he sent her proves that!

According to the item description, Clavell inscribed the following in Ayn Rand’s copy of Noble House:

This is for Ayn Rand
–one of the real, true talents on this earth for which many, many thanks
James C
New York
2 Sept 81