Howard Roark and Libeskind's Freedom Tower

In a new article “The Politics of Architecture: WTC Freedom Tower Reprise,” architecture student Aaron Margolis draws an extended comparison between Howard Roark’s design of Cortlandt Homes and Daniel Libeskind’s design of Freedom Tower. From the article:

When I think of the bastardization of Libeskind’s Freedom Tower, I immediately think of another architect, Howard Roark, from Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead.” For those unfamiliar with Rand’s novel, Howard Roark was an architect who broke from convention; rather than copying from the masters as society has prescribed, Roark designed his buildings from within himself, designs that were not understood by his contemporaries.

Along these same lines, last month Frank Heynick published an article at the Atlasphere, “Roark Libeskind, and the Freedom Tower,” making similar observations about the parallels between Howard Roark and Daniel Libeskind.
(It may be worth pointing out that Daniel Libeskind is apparently no friend of free markets, and so any comparisons between he and Howard Roark are perhaps best kept to the realm of architecture.)