'The Abolition of Antitrust' on C-Span2 on Sunday

Gary Hull, editor of the recently published The Abolition of Antitrust, will discuss the book on C-Span2 Book TV this Sunday at 5:30am EST. According to the program’s announcement, Mr. Hull will be joined by Yaron Brook, president of the Ayn Rand Institute to examine several antitrust cases, including General Electric, Visa/Mastercard, and Kellogg/General Mills.
Here is the publisher’s description for The Abolition of Antitrust:

The Abolition of Antitrust asserts that antitrust laws- on economic, legal, and moral grounds- are bad, and provides convincing evidence supporting argument for their total abolition. Every year, new antitrust prosecutions arise in the U.S. courts, as in the cases against 3M and Visa/MasterCard, as well as a number of ongoing antitrust cases, such as those involving Microsoft and college football’s use of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). Gary Hull and the contributing authors show that these cases- as well as the Sherman Antitrust Act itself- are based on an erroneous interpretation of the history of American business, premised on bad economics. They equivocate between economic and political power- the power to produce versus the power to use physical force. For Hull, antitrust prosecutions are based on a horrible moral inversion: that it is acceptable to sacrifice America’s best producers.