The FairTax Book Tops NY Times Bestseller List

As we’ve mentioned before, the FairTax Act is probably the most viable opportunity we’ll see in our lifetime to eliminate the dreaded and immoral IRS.
Today we learned that the book which describes and promotes the Act in layman’s terms, The FairTax Book, will debut at the top of the New York Times non-fiction bestseller list.
As Neal Boortz explains on his blog:

This means so much for The FairTax movement. Any book that rises to No. 1 creates a buzz … whether it’s about teenaged wizards or tax reform. Well … especially tax reform. This just doesn’t happen. Books on tax reform don’t go to No. 1. So now opinion makers, politicians, pundits, editorial writers, reporters, columnists and others will take notice and start paying attention. This will result in more and more efforts such as this opinion piece that appeared in the Clark Times-Courier in Berryville, Virginia.
Late yesterday I was notified that a writer and photographer from a major national magazine will join the book tour today to see just what is going on here. This will mean that more and more Americans will become aware of the essence of the FairTax, and what it can mean to both their personal financial picture and to the American economy. As the people become aware this idea becomes more and more impossible for the political class to ignore.

If you haven’t already done so, this is a good time to check out the book, buy yourself a copy, and consider signing the FairTax petition as well.
UPDATE: For updated news about the FairTax plan, visit the Fair Tax Blog.