Atlas Shrugged Movie Update: Synopsis Available

Baldwin Entertainment has provided a synopsis of their Atlas Shrugged movie they have under development:

Written by: Jim V. Hart
Based on the novel ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand
GENRE: Action Drama
LOG LINE: Dagny Taggart, one of the great heroines of modern literature, struggles to fulfill her great-grandfatherâ??s legacy as she steers her familyâ??s railroad conglomerate through the triple threat of government corruption, international terrorism and a mysterious force that is silencing the great thinkers of the day.
SYNOPSIS: Ayn Randâ??s groundbreaking novel foresees an American future eerily similar to the future that America faces today. The politics of fear embodied by stringent government regulation and irresponsible foreign policy have driven American society to the brink of collapse. Against this backdrop, Dagny Taggart wrestles her corrupt and dissolute brother for control of their great-grandfatherâ??s railroad conglomerate. Determined to live up to her ancestorâ??s name, Dagny steers the railroad through a minefield of government sabotage, domestic disintegration, and international terrorism. All the while the destruction of the American way is hastened by a mysterious force that is silencing the great thinkers of the day. Their disappearance inspires a universal sense of fatalistic dread that is summed up by the new popular catchphrase: â??Who is John Galt?â?
TIME PERIOD/LOCATION: Near future â?? United States

Atlasphere member Diana Hsieh points out what could be some potential problems with this approach to the plot.