Bidinotto: Jihad Begins in Europe?

Robert Bidinotto has a terrific new article on the riots in France. He begins:

As many observers have noted, the mainstream media (MSM) have marched in lockstep in their desperation to minimize the role that Islamism may be playing in the wave of rioting and vandalism plaguing France during the past two weeks. Typical of this effort by “reporters” not to report the bald (if politically incorrect) facts is The New York Times of November 5, which declared: “While the vast majority of the young people behind the nightly attacks are Muslim, experts and residents warned against seeing the violence through the prism of religion.” Apparently we are to believe that the more significant causal factor is the fact that they are “youths,” or “young people,” or even “youngsters” — words which appear prominently in every article, in order to bury any rare, passing mentions of the word “Muslim.”
But truth will out, and it’s getting harder and harder for the Leftist press to maintain this fiction. References to Islam are increasing, and even Newsweek now speculates about the role of Islamists in the Paris terror. If this trend continues, pretty soon the MSM might even begin to acknowledge the wisdom in columns by Mark Steyn.
But what is the specific cause of the Muslim uprising in France?

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