'In Defense of Dracula' by Marianne Grossman

I recently got the heads-up about the book In Defense of Dracula, a historical novel written by Atlasphere member Marianne Grossman. From the press release:

[Author Marianne Grossman’s] endeavor began twenty years ago in Bucharest, Romania, during the repressive regime of Nicolae Ceaucescu. Ms. Grossman, investigating the vampire legend with the professors of the Nicolae Iorga Institute of History found, not a bloodied Count, but a brave Prince, the ruling monarch of the southern lands of the Romani, a hero who saved Christian Europe from a Moslem invasion that would have forever changed history.
The great Moslem ruler Sultan Mohammed, ruthlessly ending the long reign of Byzantium by conquering Constantinople, had set his eyes upon the riches of Christian Europe. But there was an obstacle facing him and his mighty armies. At the portal to the west, the land of Tara Romaneasca, one lone figure stood in his path. This was Vlad Voivod, Prince Vlad, known throughout history and legend by another name: Dracula.
Impossibly, brilliantly, Prince Vlad fought. AND HE WON!
IN DEFENSE OF DRACULA is the true story of the world’s favorite vampire.
Born in New York City, Author Marianne Grossman published her first story at the age of nine. She studied the philosophy of Ayn Rand for years at the Nathaniel Branden Institute, where she gained her most prized possession, a personally autographed copy of ATLAS SHRUGGED.
Marianne now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Based upon the information at Amazon, including the first few pages of the book, it looks quite interesting. I’ve requested a review copy so we can write more about it for Atlasphere readers.