Munich Looking Worse and Worse

A few weeks ago, I blogged that Spielberg’s new Munich movie might be worth seeing, at least for those with an interest in the fate of Israel. However, the reviews I’ve seen so far are not promising. Here’s an example:

When Steven Spielberg began filming Munich in June 2004, he set the tone for his fictional movie about Israeli agents who hunted down the Palestinian terrorists responsible for the slaughter of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.
Spielberg abruptly stopped filming and closed up shop. Why? Because the 2004 Summer Games were happening in August, and Steven Spielberg didnâ??t want to upset the terrorists.
Thatâ??s what Munich is about: not upsetting the terrorists. And rolling over while they attack and kill us. In Steven Spielbergâ??s world, not going after terrorists brings peace. In the real world, not going after terrorists brings more bloodshed.

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