BB&T Grant to Teach Capitalism at WJU

Wheeling Jesuit University is a recent recipient of a grant from BB&T for the teaching of free-market economics. According to the University’s announcement, the grant will “enhance the universityâ??s business curriculum â?? especially the teaching of free-market capitalism.”
According to the director of the MBA program at WJU, Prof. Ed Younkins, the program will include a Conceptual Foundations of Business course focusing on Capitalism, in which Atlas Shrugged will be a required reading, and a course in the philosophies of economics that will include Objectivism, and will use Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand by Leonard Peikoff as one of the texts. A resource center for Capitalism will also be established at the Universityâ??s library, and will include the works of Ayn Rand and other writers in the field.
BB&T provided grants for the teaching of Capitalism at several universities, as we noted before here and here.

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