The Left's Secret Pact: Subverting War on Terror

A hard-hitting article that originally appeared on the American Thinker:

The Leftâ??s Secret Pact: Subverting the War on Terror
November 30th, 2005
by Vasko Kohlmayer
The War on Terror has brought on many complex problems and challenges. Perhaps none is more critical than the conduct of the political Left which is apparently set on sabotaging our efforts. Unable to come up with a logical explanation, political observers either throw up their hands in bewilderment or ascribe the Leftâ??s posture to some irrational nihilistic impulse. But such conclusions are neither satisfactory nor correct.
The Leftâ??s sabotage of this war is a deliberate attempt to give relief to the other side. This is because their corresponding views on capitalism and the West make Islamic radicals and the Left natural allies. The Left seeks to weaken us from within in order to help those whose shared worldview binds them in a common pact. Once we understand the nature of this stealth partnership, the reasons behind the Leftâ??s often seemingly inexplicable actions will become alarmingly apparent.
But to do so, we must start at the beginning.

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