'Chris Shrugged' in Columbia Newspaper

Columbia University sophomore Chris Kulawik has a column in the Columbia Spectator called “Chris Shrugged,” which runs every other Wednesday.
In this week’s column, he takes up the familiar (to anyone on a college campus during the past 20 years) question of why college administrators promote every kind of diversity except for, you know, the ideological kind. From the article:

If feminist and black scholars criticize the faulty thinking of Aristotle or Jefferson and get included in the curriculum, why is there no text from this modern era critical of Karl Marx or secular progressivism? Why no Friedrich Hayek? Why no Ayn Rand (a woman, no less)? What of William Jamesâ?? classic, Varieties of Religious Experience?

He’s a good writer, and makes good points. Three cheers for campus activism! Brought back lots of memories of my own time as a campus columnist.