Holcberg: FCC Fining CBS Violates Free Speech

ARI’s David Holcberg has published a spot-on letter to the editor for use in newspapers around the country:

Indecency Fines Against CBS Are an Ominous Attack on Free Speech
Friday, March 17, 2006
By: David Holcberg
Dear Editor:
The $3.6 million in “indecency” fines levied by the FCC against CBS are an ominous attack on the freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment.
Just as the government doesn’t fine newspapers that publish cartoons that Muslims deem indecent, it shouldn’t fine broadcasters that air shows that viewers deem indecent. Viewers are free to change the channel or turn off their TV set if they do not like what they see. They can’t be forced to patronize a station they find indecent.
Moreover, it is the parents–not the government–who should be responsible for determining what their children are allowed to watch on TV.
David Holcberg