Update on Oliver Stone's Fountainhead Movie

The Variety article that has sparked so much discussion about an Atlas Shrugged movie also provided this update on the prospects of a new Fountainhead movie:

Oliver Stone was attached to direct a remake of “Fountainhead” for Warner Bros. and Paramount, but the project has languished in development. Along the way, Pitt expressed interest in playing Roark.

Too bad the project has been languishing; in many ways it’s a much easier novel than Atlas Shrugged to adapt for film.
Plans for an Anthem movie have also been bandied about in recent years, although there seems to be little news about its progress.
In other Fountainhead-movie-related news, Kentucky.com has an article that provides a handy overview of the career of Patricia Neal, who played Dominique in the 1949 Fountainhead movie.