Lecture on Passing Judgement Available Online

Tara Smith’s lecture “Passing Judgement: Ayn Rand’s View of Justice” is available online on the Registered User Page of the Ayn Rand Institute (the registration and the video are free). The lecture was delivered on May 9th in Irvine, CA. Tara Smith is a professor of philosophy at the University of Texas and the author of the recently published Moral Rights & Political Freedom.
From the lecture summary:

In “Passing Judgment: Ayn Rand’s View of Justice,” Dr. Tara Smith will explore Ayn Rand’s unique conception of justice. After explaining why it is in one’s self-interest to be a just person, Dr. Smith will explore several related topics, including: the emphatic need to judge other people; how today’s pervasive egalitarianism is completely anti-justice; and when, if ever, forgiveness and mercy are justified.