Fat Cup of Trouble for Starbucks

From a new op-ed by Ed Hudgins published in the Washington Times:

Critics charge many Starbucks products are high in calories and high in fat, especially those tasty trans-fats that are really bad for us. So what? Starbucks offers everyone a choice. If you don’t like the venti vanilla caramel Macchiato with extra whip, don’t order it. In any case, Starbucks lists on its Web site and brochures in its stores the nutritional information about its products.
But that’s not enough for the self-appointed health police. They’re trying to shame Starbucks into putting all of that information on menu boards in their cafes which, aside from being redundant, would make those menus, crowded with numbers, look to most people as confusing as the big board at the stock exchange. In any case, come on people, we all know whipped cream and cakes are fattening. Starbucks’ upscale clientele is certainly educated enough to figure that out.
Critics also want Starbucks to “voluntarily” cut down on the fat stuff in their fare. Normally, boring biddies can natter at us all they want and we’re free to take their advice or tell them to take a hike. But that’s not what the Center for Science in the Public Interest wants. They and their kind are bent on stopping us from being unhealthy — by their definition — no matter what.

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