Objectivist "Founders College" Headed for Maine?

An update on the (Objectivist-backed) Founders College, from some apparently disappointed citizens of Oxford, North Carolina:

Organizers of Founders College seem to increasingly have their sights set on a $26.4 million coastline retreat for sale in Maine instead of opening for business in Oxford.
Harry Osgood, a higher education specialist for the Maine Department of Education, said that plans were almost set for an Aug. 8 hearing by an application review team.
Once representatives of Founders College are called forward, “The show is theirs to make,” Osgood said.

See the full article for much more on the subject.
And for more background about the college, see this Inside Higher Ed article from last month:

New private liberal arts colleges arenâ??t established every day, so pending proposals in Maine and North Carolina to create institutions from scratch have officials in those states intrigued. But the proposals, which have been cloaked in mystery, are raising some eyebrows â?? partly because of their sponsorsâ?? ties to Ayn Randâ??s Objectivism philosophy, and partly because of suggestions that Maine officials expedited their usual process for approving new colleges because the collegeâ??s backers are reportedly looking to buy a vacant $26 million piece of land. (Maine officials deny those accusations.)
Applications to create Founders College, as the new institution would be called, were submitted nearly a year ago in North Carolina and just last month in Maine. The main people behind both applications are Gary Hull and Eric Daniels, who are a senior lecturing fellow and visiting assistant professor, respectively, at Duke Universityâ??s Program on Values and Ethics in the Marketplace, one of multiple such programs at colleges in North Carolina that are supported financially by BB&T Bank.

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