Update from TOC on Atlas Shrugged Movie

The Atlas Society / Objectivist Center has published its own formal write-up of the Atlas Shrugged movie presentation by Atlas Shrugged movie producers Karen and Howard Baldwin at this year’s summer seminar.
Much of this information was mentioned in Robert Bidinotto’s writeup of the same event, but this elaboration was nice to see:

The climax of Part I [i.e., the first movie of the trilogy] will be the first run of the John Galt Line, with a cliffhanger denouement that sets the stage for Part II. â??The John Galt Line is the central plotline in the first part of the novel,â? Kelley notes. â??Itâ??s a wonderful story of successful achievement, revealing the heroic stature of Hank Rearden and especially Dagny Taggart. But itâ??s crucial to have the film end on a darker note, foreshadowing the rest of the story. Randâ??s central theme, after all, is that the world is not safe for producers until they challenge the morality of altruism and the politics of parasitism.â?

See The Atlas Society’s full article for more.