Founders College Launches Beta Web Site

FoundersWeb_Logo.gifWe just received the following announcement:

There’s been a lot of mystery surrounding the startup of Founders College — the greatest revolution in higher education of our lifetime. You can be the first to get the real deal (not the media mush) on this exciting project by checking out Whether youâ??re a friend or just curious about the project, youâ??re getting a first look because youâ??re a rational, prolific, powerful web communicator. There will be many exciting milestones to come — announcement of our location, full faculty listing, and much, much more — and weâ??ll be in touch along the way.
Tamara K. Fuller
Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer
Founders College Education, Inc.

Their web site looks like a good start to a great idea. (I mean, who could not love that logo?)

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