NY Times on Atlas Movie

An update and history of the Atlas Shrugged movie project was published in Sunday’s New York Times. The article discusses the current Baldwin Entertainment Group/Lions Gate project, and is framed by a recounting of past failed projects to bring Rand’s novel to the big screen.
The article ends with the following quote from writer/director Randall Wallaceâ??current screenwriter for the Atlas movie:

â??I can pretty much guarantee you that there wonâ??t be a 30-page speech at the end of the movie,â? he said. â??I have two hours to try to express what Rand believed to an audience, and my responsibility is not only to Ayn Rand, but to the audience, that this be a compelling movie. More people will see the movie than will read â??Atlas Shrugged.â?? And the movie has to work.â?

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