Bob Burg to Host "Extreme Business Makeovers"

On February 23-24th, critically acclaimed author and speaker Bob Burg, who is also an Atlasphere columnist, will be co-hosting a two-day business seminar in Orlando called “Extreme Business Makeovers.”
Burg is the author of The Success Formula, Winning Without Intimidation, and Endless Referrals — all well-regarded in the business coaching industry for providing practical principles for maximizing business growth.
His business columns at the Atlasphere include the “Success Formula” series (parts one, two, and three), his “Winning Without Intimidation” series (covering Belief Concepts, The Three P’s, How You Say It, The Power Play, Allowing Yourself to Win, and The Power of Questions), and many others.
He has also authored several political columns for the Atlasphere, including “A Nation of Laws (Not Lawmakers,” “Re-Framing the Immigration Debate,” and, most recently, “Default Settings to Big Government.”
For information about attending Burg’s two-day seminar, visit the Extreme Business Makeover web site, which describes the event, the bevy of business authorities who will be presenting there, and how to register.
UPDATE: Burg has written more about this upcoming seminar, and the topics that will be covered, in his February 5th Atlasphere column “Bringing Your Business to the Next Level.”