Randall Wallace (New Atlas Shrugged Screenwriter) Makes Cover of Script Magazine

script-cover_145x189.jpgThe May/June issue of Script, a magazine for screenwriters, has a cover story on Randall Wallace, focusing on his new job as writer of the screen adaptation of Atlas Shrugged.
Unfortunately, the story itself isn’t available online, but Script Magazine‘s web site lists newsstands around the country where the issue can be purchased.
From their blurb:

Randall Wallace: The World on His Shoulders
by Bob Verini
Recently tapped to adapt the epic tome Atlas Shrugged, Randall Wallace talks about the most challenging assignment of his career.

Don Hauptman, who alerted us to the article, sends this report:

Fortunately, Wallace admires Rand and “gets” a lot of her message. But he’s sometimes a bit confused.
For example, he claims that Rand held that “sacrifice and duty and honor are corrupt.” Honor?
Wallace explains how he translated a scene in Atlas into cinematic terms. Heâ??s obviously proud of what he did, but his version strikes me as ludicrous; I suspect that audiences would react with inappropriate laughter.
Finally, as many feared, it sounds as if the book is being condensed into a two-hour film. After all the talk last year about doing it as a trilogy, thatâ??s a letdown. Can this story really be told in 120 minutes?