Rand-o-rama at The Chronicle of Higher Education

From the Chronicle of Higher Education‘s “Rand-o-rama” post of two days ago:

This week The Chronicle features three articles about the intellectual legacy of Ayn Rand. (The intro is here; to get to the main courses, follow the links in the right-hand column.)
In this 2004 interview, the Ayn Rand Instituteâ??s director, Yaron Brook, briefly describes his â??plan to help [objectivist] graduate students get placed in top-level philosophy departments around the country. The program is still in its infancy. It is very ambitious, and we will not know its success for many years.â?
Is that kind of talk creepy and messianic? Or is it the commendable behavior of a group that believes it has a true and important set of ideas to bring to the world? That was one of the debates that occupied faculty members this spring at Texas State University at San Marcos, as they considered whether or not to accept a Rand-related donation.

See the full post by David Glenn for (much) more Rand-related coverage at the Chronicle.