OC Register Profiles ARI President Yaron Brook

The article, titled “Atlas came to Irvine,” begins:

Yaron Brook grew up a socialist. What choice did he have?
His parents were “standard leftist intellectuals,” he said, driven from their homeland of South Africa by the injustices of apartheid, and drawn to Israel by dreams of Zionism and kibbutz-living. A kibbutz, you know — one of those communal farm/socialist-type utopias where everything is shared, collectivism rules, and other people help bring up your kids.
Brook’s dad was a doctor. The family spent time in England and Boston, and he fondly recalls arguing with his Western capitalist classmates over the blights of poverty and economic inequality that went hand-in-hand with the free market.
So honestly. How did Yaron Brook come to be one of the nation’s — nay, the world’s — leading spokesmen for “rational selfishness” and “laissez-faire capitalism”?
How did he come to conclude that making money is good — very good — and that life’s highest moral purpose is achieving personal happiness and individual fulfillment, not necessarily helping the neighbor in need?
How did Yaron Brook come to be president of the Ayn Rand Institute?

Keep reading to learn how he “fought the book” while first reading Atlas Shrugged, what he did professionally before agreeing to serve as president of ARI, and how many bananas he pulls down as the successful president of a burgeoning non-profit.
I’ve never met Yaron Brook, but I keep hearing good things about him. That he would merit an article like this in a major newspaper, says even more.
Kudos to Mr. Brook on his outstanding work.