Big Atlas Shrugged Movie Update from Bidinotto

UPDATE (13 Oct) – We have now published a slightly modified version of Bidinotto’s post as a feature column at the Atlasphere: “Major Atlas Shrugged Movie Updates.”

Robert Bidinotto has just published a long and excellent post on the upcoming Atlas Shrugged movie, drawing upon his experiences and observations at the recent Atlas Shrugged 50th Anniversary Celebration in Washington, D.C.
After reviewing some key aspects of the movie’s likely format (it’s likely to be one movie rather than a series), new director (Vadim Perelman, who Bidinotto says is unlikely to “shrug”), and some tantalizing plot details (strikes, gulches, and lovers), Bidinotto concludes:

[L]et me say that my longstanding worries about this film project were very much allayed during the movie panel discussion and the subsequent conversation with Perelman. I want to emphasize this as strongly as I can: These people are all absolutely committed to doing a great film, faithful to Rand’s story, characters, and ideas.
Michael Burns, vice president of Lionsgate, read Atlas at age 17 and even attended Ayn Rand’s funeral in 1982. John Aglialoro, the businessman who bought the film rights, is a committed Objectivist and a trustee of The Atlas Society; he has fought for fifteen long years to make this project a reality.
Co-producers Howard and Karen Baldwin are devoted to this project and have worked on it with John for years. David Kelley’s credibility, credentials, and commitment regarding Atlas Shrugged need no further discussion.
Co-executive producer Geyer Kosinski, who is also Angelina Jolie’s representative, is a long-time enthusiastic Rand fan. Angelina herself loves the novel and the lead character, and has insisted that she wants to “get it right.” And I’ve just told you my impressions of Vadim Perelman.
Folks, I really think this film will be made — and in a way that Ayn Rand would have liked.

See Robert’s full post for much, much more information.
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